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Read Local Passport Partner: One More Page Books

Cropped US map with Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Washington DC, and West Virginia highlighted, and the words "Discover the world from your own back yard ... Read Local!" in boldBold text invitation to "Host a FREE Read Local Party! (Informal Q&A)" "Invite us to your Event! (Read Local Discount on Speaking Fees)" and "Request a FREE Read Local Kit! (Posters! Prizes! Signed Books!)"

Collect 5 stamps & receive a free Advance Reader Copy of a book from One More Page Books

One More Page Books

2200 N Westmoreland St
Arlington, VA 22213

Find lots of Read Local Challenge books, including Zapato Power, Disasters, Manic Pixie Dream Boy, No Place Like Here, Pulp, and Nikki on the Line. If they don’t have the book you are looking for in stock, One More Page Books will happily place a special order for you!

One More Page Books offers:

• Educator Discounts: Yes
• Bulk Purchase Discounts: Yes
• Other Discounts: No

Fill out 5 spaces on your Read Local Challenge Passport Bookmark to receive the following prize from One More Page Books:

          * Free Advance Reader Copy of a book

Find One More Page Books online:

• Website:
• Twitter: @justonemorepage
• Instagram: @onemorepagebooks
• Facebook: One More Page Books & More

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